CastleBird’s Tips For Work From Home More Fun

The transition from work in the office to working from home sometimes is really challenging for those who have not gotten used to it. There’s a feeling of worry and wonder if you could really be productive working from home. Home is the safest place where you usually release the tension, and stress from the office. But now, your “safe” place turns into an office?

It may sound easy and not a big deal at first. Who doesn’t love working remotely? But, after weeks and months of working at home with not being able to talk with your coworkers even your boss eye to eye, virtual conversations are starting to get boring. And it would be good if you can change your daily routine and socialization every now and then to prevent boredom.

Here are some Tips from CastleBird to make your work from home more fun!

Make Your Own Space

Create the most comfortable atmosphere for yourself. Decorate your home office space as you like. Put some aromatherapy. Work nearby the window, let the air in. Make sure the lights are perfect.

Listen to “Happy” Music

Create a playlist. Any music you like, any music that inspires you. Get positive energy by listening to your favorite music.

Stay Hydrated & Workout

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Take a little time to exercise even if it’s only 15 minutes. This will help you to relax your muscles and keep you fit.

Take Your Work Outdoor & Get Some Fresh Air

Maybe it’s time to take your work outside. Get some fresh air. Go to the park, to the cafe, to coworking space, anywhere! Even just to go to Balcony. It’s okay, release the stress.

Socialize With Your Loved Ones, Roommate, or Neighbor

Take some time to interact with your loved ones or your roommate. If you live alone, you can go outside and talk to the neighbors, or give your family and friends a call just to catch up.

Give Yourself a Break

Get. A. Break. Go “Me-Time”, Napping, Netflix & Chill, Spa, Massage, literally anything. Take a few hours off to clear off your mind from work a little bit, or take a day off. Rest well.

Stay Productive on a Daily Basis

Working from home seems so much fun, but it doesn’t mean you can be less productive just because no one is watching. Stay productive, and plan ahead of time. Write a journal if needed. Stay focused on work-life balance. Keep your phone away if it’s for unnecessary reasons.



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